HBBA-11 HBBA-12 HBBA-13 HBBA-14 HBBA-15 HBBA-16 HBBA-17 HBBA-181 HBBA-19
Straw Dispenser Bar Pestle Caipirinha Measuring Jigger Cocktail Straw Lobster & Nut Cracker Lobster & Crab Cracker Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Corkscrew Fish Bar Cutting Board
Boston Cocktail Shaker Recipe Cocktail Shaker Bracelet Wine Bottle Thermometer Champagne Seal/Stopper Bar Compass
Boston Cocktail Shaker Recipe Cocktail Shaker Bracelet Wine Bottle Thermometer Champagne Sealer/Stopper Bar Compass
    Old fashioned style straw dispenser

Item No. HBBA-11:

Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser
Lift from the top and the insert will rise with the straws.

This 50s style straw dispenser makes a return for your retro kitchen or bar. Now, whenever you open a cherry soda or whip up a vanilla malted, you'll have plenty of straws for sipping - just like the good old days!

Straws included! Hand wash only!

Size: (D) 19 x 27 cm tall
Packing: 12 pcs/ctn/1.2cuft

    Bar Pestle Caipirinha-Masher/ Muddler

Item No. HBBA-12:

The perfect size for mashing the limes with sugar.

With this pestle you can easily squeeze limes(fruits) for tasty cocktails.
For a Caipirinha, refreshing cocktail you need:
1 lime cut into 8 segments 4 tsp. brown cane sugar 2 oz. Cachaca (Pitu) Cut the lime into eight segments and squeeze them in a glass using the pestle. Add sugar and stir briskly. Then fill glass to brim with crushed ice and douse with Cachaca.

Our Wood Pestle (HxWxD): 22.5 x 4 x 3cm

    Stainless Steel Measuring Jigger

Item No. HBBA-13

A must when mixing a variety of drinks.

Here's the fast way to measure! Fill up the small end and you've got 2 cl.
Fill up the large end and you've got 4 cl.
Any questions?

It's made of stainless steel for lasting beauty and functionality.
7.8 cm high.

    Black Cocktail straw

Item No. HBBA-14

20 cm black straw for cocktails

    Lobster & Nut Cracker, Double Jaw

Item No. HBBA-15

Deluxe lobster and nut cracker in chrome finish.
Professional quality as they use in the dining rooms of some of the finest restaurants. it's a pleasure to use. chrome plated, 6"/15cm.
1pc/Polybag; 50pcs/Inner box; 200PCS/CARTON/0.6CUFT
N.W 18.4kgs / G.W 19.5 kgs

    Lobster and Crab Cracker

Item No. HBBA-16

Cast aluminum cracker is the perfect tool for cracking hard lobster shells,
let you get at that sweet claw meat. Colorful and handy. Helps with crabs, too.
It's both durable and whimsical. Be sure to have a few on hand for your next shellfish feast.
• Die-cast aluminum with red enamel finish.
• Dishwasher safe.

    Bottle Opener Wall Mounted

   Item No. HBBA-17

This wall-mounted bottle opener is an essential in any home or bar.
This sturdy, wall mounted bottle opener enables you to open bottles in seconds, with one hand.
Material: Steel with chorme fiish

1pc/Polybag; 24pcs/Inner box; 288PCS/CARTON/0.95 CUFT
N.W 21.5kgs / G.W 22.5 kgs

    Stainless Steel Corkscrew

   Item No. HBBA-18

3 Function Steel Bar Tool includes a corkscrew, serrated knife, bottle opener all stainless steel construction.

     Fish shape bar cutting board

   Item No. HBBA-19

Fish shape bar cutting board for slicing lemons and limes on behind the bar for your cocktails.
  • Protects countertops
  • Moat catches juices
  • Dishwasher safe

Small Fish-
Packing: 48 pcs/ctn/0.63cuft; N.W 9.6 KGS/G.W 10.6 KGS

Tropical fish-
Packing: 48 pcs/ctn/0.63cuft; N.W 9.12 KGS/G.W 9.7 KGS

    Boston Cocktail Shaker

   Item No. HBBA-20

True barmen always use a Boston Shaker.

Boston Shaker has two parts: one is stainless steel and the other is glass.
Stainless steel shaker with glass top with five recipes and measurer on. Fitted with rubber joining gasket.

5 classic cocktail recipes included: Dry Martini, Manhattan, Daiquire, Blood Mary and Margarita.

Packing: 30 pcs/ctn/1.82cuft; N.W 16.0 KGS/G.W 18.5 KGS, color Boxed.

    Recipe Cocktail Shaker

   Item No. HBBA-21

Twist & Shake     Twist & Shake    Twist & Shake

Simply rotate the base to one of the eight cocktails and the ingredients will help you take all the appropriate measures. Made from quality stainless steel.

8 varieties of cocktail: Cajun Martini, Flamingo Cocktail, Genoa, Matador, Screw Driver, New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Bronx Cocktail.

Packing: 24 pcs/ctn/1.75cuft; N.W 12.4 KGS/G.W 14.6 KGS, color Boxed.

    Bracelet Wine Bottle Thermometer

   Item No. HBBA-221/222/223

For the best enjoyment of wine, always serve it at its ideal temperature. Simply snap the thermometer onto the bottle and read the luminated scale for the desired temperature.
It's like having your own sommelier! Reusable. Stainless steel.

Packing: 120 pcs/ctn/2.1cuft; N.W 5.0 KGS/G.W 6.0 KGS

Packing: 40pcs/inner, 200pcs/ctn/2.6cuft; N.W 6.5KGS/G.W 7.5KGS

    Champagne Sealer

   Item No. HBBA-23

How to keep the sparkles in your sparkling wine for days. Easily clips onto champagne bottles and can be used for regular wine bottles too. Ensure your bubbly stays bubbly! Air tight seal helps to retain the sparkle in your wine for days. Enables vertical & horizontal storage.
    Champagne Sealer

   Item No. HBBA-23

Bar Spoon 18\10 22cm How to keep the sparkles in your sparkling wine for days. Easily clips onto champagne bottles and can be used for regular wine bottles too. Ensure your bubbly stays bubbly! Air tight seal helps to retain the sparkle in your wine for days. Enables vertical & horizontal storage.

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