Research and Development

Our highly educated R&D staff receive continuous training from research facilities in the United States, Germany and Japan.
Our average R&D staff has three years of experience. The expertise of our staff range in the fields of computer technology, product design and enhancement of production efficiency. We develop new products not only to meet existing market demands, but also to explore new markets. With over US$2,000,000 in R&D investment, we constantly seek to improve:

New product type
Product design
Product quality
Materials used
Production efficiency

  • QC/Technical Support: 100% in-house

  • QC Staff: 3 to 5

  • Standards & Approvals: ITS/SGS Labtest

  • Materials/Components: Zinc alloy, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, ABS, AS, PS, PC from Taiwan

  • Procedures/testing Details:
    Materials and components are visually inspected during every stage of production, and there is a random checking of products before delivery. Our methods are strict and thorough, and our employees are very responsible. We have surpassed many international standards.

    Patents & Copyrights
    All products are made in Taiwan with rigid specification utilizing high-grade materials based on patent design.
         Many patents in the EU, Germany, USA, UK, France, Japan and Taiwan.......

    Manual Citrus Juicer: ET Juicer | Modern Juicer | Square Juicer | Deluxe Juicer | Jumbo Juicer | Round Juicer | 2-in-1 Hand Juicer
    Tilt-Top Juicer | Fruit-Vegetable juice press | Spider citrus squeezer | X-Lever Citrus Juicer
    Commercial Citrus Juicer: Professional Restaurant Juicer | Restaurant Juicer | JuiceKing Citrus Juicer
    iLever Family Style Corkscrew: Chrome Model | iLever Model | Deluxe iLever Model | Vinipull Model
    Figural Corkscrew: Fish Corkscrew | Uglyfish Corkscrew | Lobster Corkscrew
    Professional Wine Opener: Table Mounted | Table Mounted with Bottle Holder | Wall Mounted | Wall Mounted with Bottle Holder
    Ice Crusher: Sharpener Ice Crusher | Vogue Ice Crusher | Crystal Ice Crusher | Round Ice Crusher | Stainless Steel Ice Crusher | 2-in-1 Ice Crusher
    Wine Rack: Wine Rack-Chrome | Wine Rack-Coating | Modular Wine Rack System | Table-Flower Wine & Magazine Rack
    Wine & Champagne Cooler: Acrylic Wine Cooler | Aluminum Wine & Champagne Bucket | Stainless Steel Wine Cooler | Fish Wine Cooler
    Wine & Bar Accessories: Accessories Set | Other Accessories | Patent Wine Stopper & Pourer | Adam & Eva Series | Angel & Devil Series

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