Kitchenwares & Appliances - Vogue Ice Crusher by The Master of Life
Manual Vogue Ice Crusher
For home or professional use,
sharp and efficient.

Item No. HBIC-A: Chrome finish lid & handle with color base
or Chrome finish head & handle with color base
Item No. HBIC-AC: All chrome finish with black ice container

Its manual action produces a quart of fine or coarse crushedice in less than a minute. Mounds of crushed ice for chilledrelished, frostydrinks, crisp salads, cool desserts. ABS plastic, 11" High

Colors available for:Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue


This high quality manual ice crusher features:
Ideal for cocktails and drinks.
Oblique angle of ice container holds two cups of crushed ice...
      removes for serving.
Separate ice cup and stainless steel blades.
Teeth of a lid with stainless steel sharp cutters crush ice to perfect consistency.
Lightweight-compact Eurostyle design.
Environmentally friendly- uses no electricity.
Easier to use and clean than electric ice crushers.

Size: 11 inches high
Weight: 966 g
Capacity: Ice container-1liter
Material: ABS plastic, Stainless steel blades
Fast, efficience, and Crushes up to a quart of ice in 2 minutes
Ideal for frozen margaritas and daiquiris and to serve food on a bed of ice,
    as well as frozen fruit drinks.

N.W 14.0 kgs
G.W 15.5 kgs
Color gift box

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