Kitchenwares & Appliances - X-Lever Citrus Press by The Master of Life


Start the day with a fresh blast of anti-oxidant rich orange juice from the X-Lever and mop up those free radicals. Alternatively, use it for making fresh orange juice cocktails! Presented in chrome and stainless steel, the X-Lever is a kitchen object of great beauty, but this juicer delivers on all the main practical points too.

The powerful cantilever design gives an excellent juice yield and there is a useful stabilising handle to steady the juicer while you squeeze. Another great feature is the return spring that pops the handle back up effortlessly for the next pressing. The collection cup sits neatly in its locating seat and the pressing cone simply sits on top, to strain and press the juice.

Your fresh orange juice only comes into contact with stainless steel, which is very hygienic and easy to clean. Suitable for oranges and other small citrus, the X-Lever has bags of visual appeal, it's easy to use and clean - and it has a very lean and fit price tag!

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