Neoprene Wine Bottle Cover Collection by The Master of Life

Dress up your wine & Champagne bottles with our Insulated neoprene bottle jackets!

Neoprene Insulated wine bottle Cover        A wetsuit for your wine & Champagne bottle!

This will also help keep the contents of your bottle cool or warm.
Neoprene wine Bottle Cover are a wonderful way to give the gift of wine. In a variety of styles, there is a perfect one for every occasion. Pour holiday drinks from bottles dressed in our neoprene Suits!
It will camouflage your bottle and protect it from accidental knocks and scrapes.
Fun and fancy gift idea, a great way to give a gift of wine or champagne.

-Angel & Devil Family-
Item No: HBWB-82A Angel
Item No: HBWB-82D Devil
Item No: HBWB-82AD Angel & Devil

-Supervino Family-
Item No: HBWB-82SM superman vino
Item No: HBWB-82SW superwoman vino
Item No: HBWB-82SB superbaby vino

-Prison Family-
Item No: HBWB-82PW Man prison
Item No: HBWB-82PW woman prison
Item No: HBWB-82PB baby prison

-Groom & Bride-
Item No: HBWB-82G1 Blow-tie Shape
Item No: HBWB-82G2 Tie Shape
Item No: HBWB-82G3 Cravat Shape
Item No: HBWB-82B1 Skirt bride Shape
Item No: HBWB-82B2 Pants bride Shape
Item No: HBWB-82B3 Panel bride Shape

Note: Bottle is not included.

Your design, OEM & ODM are most welcome.

Worldwide Patent Pending & Copyrights

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