Kitchenwares & Appliances - Chrome Lever Corkscrew by The Master of Life  

Item No. HBWO-01

Faster, more effective, and definitely more fun than any ordinary corkscrew
No more mangled or broken corks, no bits of cork floating in your wine.
No tugging, no straining, no sore wrists and hands!

The sleek, ergonomic shape is designed for effortless, self-pulling action. The big difference between Chrome Lever Corkscrew and other corkscrews, however, is the addition of a chrome lever and two additional accessories. The lustrous chrome design is die-cast and zinc-plated to give it the extra weight needed for better leverage. Works on all sizes and types of wine bottles. Strong non-stick coated screw will not damage cork. The Chrome Lever Corkscrew includes corkscrew, foil cutter and a display base that can double as a wine bottle coaster. Makes a memorable business gift. 8"L. Gift boxed.

World Patented

This high quality corkscrew features:
A luxurious, ergonomically shaped and sleek design for ease of use.
Die cast and zinc plated, more weight gives better leverage.
Works on all sizes and types of wine bottles..
Strong non-stick coated screw, will not damage cork.
Comes complete with foil cutter and display base(wine coaster).
Beautifully packaged - an ideal gift for any wine and design enthusiast!

Size: 8"L
Weight:1040 g
Capacity: N/A
Material: Zinc alloy
3-Piece Wine Opener Set-corkscrew, foil cutter and display base(wine coaster)
All chrome finish display base come with chrome finish or black powder coating.

♦While the corkscrew is built for speed, the corks of fine wine are sometimes fragile. After inserting the corkscrew into a fragile cork, remove it slowly and gently.
♦Never submerge corkscrew in water as it may damage the mechanism.
♦To clean corkscrew use warm soapy water and a damp cloth, keep it clean and operating smoothly.
♦The screw/spiral is clean/wiped regularly to prevent the accumulation of wine cork particles.
♦Never lubricate your corkscrew.

Replacement screw:
♦You may replace the screw/spiral by unscrewing the top cap, removing the old screw/spiral, and inserting the replacement.
Screw the top cap on firmly before use.

♦The corkscrew is not designed to recork an opened bottle. Using it in this way will damage the product.
♦The corkscrew is not designed to uncork a Prosecco® bottle and remove a plastic "cork" (such as a SupremeCork®).
♦If the cork is sealed with a wax plug, the wax plug must be removed before using the corkscrew.
♦Please don't open the handles too wide, as this way will damage the corkscrew.

N.W 12.6 kgs
G.W 16.3 kgs
Color gift box

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