2 in 1 Patent Wine Stopper & Pourer by The Master of Life

This patented wine stopper and pourer gives wine the respect it deserves, protecting against spillage with a patented design. Wine gets proper aeration and oxidation as it pours gently and evenly.
Made of ABS plastic.

Item No. HBWS-01B/G/S:
Bottle, Grape, Snowman with red color

Item No. HBWS-01BC/GC/SC:
Bottle, Grape, Snowman with chrome finish


This high quality Patent Wine Stopper & Pourer features:

Unique product has five functions.
    It acts as a stopper,
    a cork,
    it aerates wine,
    controls flow
    ensures a clean pour.

You won't worry about spilling red wine on your good table cloth or oriental carpet.

Size: 4(W)x10(H)cm
Weight: 30 g
Capacity: Dia.18mm
Material: ABS plastic
Wine gets proper aeration and oxidation as it pours gently and evenly.
Pour the wine with finesse! Patent wine stopper/pourer will wow your guests!

N.W 10.8 KGS
G.W 12.3 KGS
Window Color gift box

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