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Manual Citrus Juicer
Heavy duty press
This is a great entry-level squeezer for the kitchen

Item No. HBJA-03

Extract orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit juice quickly and efficiently. Built-in strainer removes pulp and seeds, and non-tip base prevents spills. Designed with more leverage and power to give you all the fresh natural flavor found in these wonderful, healthful fruits. Heavy chromed metal construction and is available in all chrome, stainless and sucking disk design. 14" high.


This high quality Manual citrus juicer features:

Professional restaurant design in a home juicer.
Powerful, highly leveraged gear system- applies hundreds of pounds of pressure, makes juicing quick and easy.
Stainless steel strainer and funnel-never plastic.
Large 14-ounce holding cup of stainless steel-holds juice for the whole family and eliminates spilling.
Heavy, all zinc metal construction with polished chrome-no plastic parts to break or motor to burn out.
Squeezes sweeter juice- free of bitter skin oil.
Environmentally friendly-uses no electricity.
Easier to use and clean than electric juicers, just remove strainer and rinse under faucet.

Size: 14 inches high
Weight: 2.4 Kgf
Capacity: 14 ounces
Material: Zinc alloy, Stainless steel strainer and funnel
All polished chrome finish
Professional-type machine similar to those used in health spas, juice bars or domestic use.
Large stainless steel holding cup (14 ounces)
Leverages up to 700 pounds of pressure.

After use always wash the strainer and press cap with tap water, wipe over the Juicer with a clean damp cloth,
(not forgetting under thecone), and dry thoroughly with a clean dry cloth.

Clan under the plastic pad by pushing out from under the base, always replace after cleaning.

Hand wash only. Wash in warm soapy water.

Stainless steel stainer is suitable for use in dishwasher

N.W 14.7 kgs
G.W 17.2 kgs
Color gift box

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