iSmart® Automatic Sensor Stainless steel Waste Bin


The iSmart® waste bin incorporates a body static sensor technology, opening instantly when you approach and closing automatically 5- seconds.

£ Build-in patented, invisible, and harmless body static iSmart-Chip.
£ 100% handsfree operation without using an awkward pedal.
£ Super quiet design, Manual/ automatic dual design. Can be freely switched,
    very convenient.

£ Inside with its patent designed fix ring, the waste bin will hold the edges of
    your bag tightly to prevent it from failing.

£ Creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment.T
£ Uses 3 D-sized batteries (not included).
£ Battery Life:
    Approx. 6 months (20 opens a day), Low energy-consuming.

£ Capacities: 15 Liter, 20 Liter, 30 Liter, 40 Liter, 50Liter

HBIS-15L:(L)32.0 X (W)23.0 X (H)41 CM
1PC/CTN/1.6CUFT  N.W:2.1/G.W:2.9 Kgs  Q'tyG20"(546 PCS)
HBIS-20L:(L)32.0 X (W)23.0 X (H)50 CM
1PC/CTN/1.9CUFT  N.W:2.3/G.W:3.1 Kgs  Q'tyG20"(480 PCS)
HBIS-30L:(L)41.5 X (W)28.5 X (H)52 CM
1PC/CTN/3.1CUFT  N.W:2.9/G.W:3.9 Kgs  Q'tyG20"(339 PCS)/40"(699 PCS)
HBIS-40L:(L)41.5 X (W)28.5 X (H)63 CM
1PC/CTN/3.7CUFT  N.W:3.2/G.W:4.4 Kgs  Q'tyG20"(282 PCS)/40"(574 PCS)
HBIS-50L:(L)41.5 X (W)28.5 X (H)75 CM
1PC/CTN/4.3CUFT  N.W:3.6/G.W:4.9 Kgs  Q'tyG20"(240 PCS)/40"(490 PCS)
  Worldwide Patented
2008 Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award
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8 SGS RoHS certification-1    8  SGS RoHS certification-2
8  SGS CE certification

iSmart® Static Sensor Bin(Taiwan) with Infrared Sensor Bin(China)-English
iSmart® Static Sensor Bin(Taiwan) with Infrared Sensor Bin(China)-Chinese
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