Hold-N Hide Step Can

Hold-N Hide Step Can

Hold-N Hide Step Can fits in well in high traffic areas. Wide access ABS pedal with dent-resistant poly-propylene lid and base.

  • Internal plastic sleeve securely holds garbage bag in place.

  • Bag is hidden when lid is closed.

  • Handle for ease of moving.

  • Foot Pedal for hands-free operation.

  • Option: Patented slowly-closing system.

  • Patented

    Item No:
    HBHC-30L: 33.3(W)X 33.3(L)X 56(H)cm    
    1PC/CTN/3.8CUFT  N.W:2.9/G.W:4.3Kgs  Q'TY:1*20'(255PCS)
    HBHC-35L: 33.3(W)X 33.3(L)X 62(H)cm    
    1PC/CTN/4.1CUFT  N.W:3.1/G.W:4.6Kgs  Q'TY:1*20'(220PCS)
    HBHC-38L: 33.3(W)X 33.3(L)X 71(H)cm    
    1PC/CTN/4.6CUFT  N.W:3.4/G.W:5.0Kgs  Q'TY:1*20'(205PCS)
    HBHC-43L: 33.3(W)X 33.3(L)X 80(H)cm    
    1PC/CTN/5.1CUFT  N.W:3.6/G.W:5.5Kgs  Q'TY:1*20'(174PCS)

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