Bullet Push Can

Bullet Push Can
Bullet Push Can+color coated
The Bullet Push Can provides classic commercial styling in a variety of finishes to suit any decor. Available in a 28L/40L/52L capacity, the unit can accomodate large volumes of trash.

The sturdy steel construction ensures that the can will stand the test of time, while the spring loaded lid ensures that odors are kept at bay. The lid lifts easily off the can for hassle free bag changing.

=""Stainless steel garbage cans in a classical silver-bullet design
A clean, closed look makes it an ideal choice for the office, kitchen or bath
Hand wash
Spring loaded push lid -Rubber base won't scratch floors.

Finish: mirrow, satin, coated.

Item No:
HBPC-28L 30(D)X72(H)   1SET/CTN/2.43CUFT  20":420pcs
HBPC-40L 35(D)X75(H)   1SET/CTN/3.6CUFT  20":275pcs
HBPC-52L 35(D)X86(H)   1SET/CTN/4.2CUFT  20":240pcs

Item No: Bullet Push Can + Color Coated Metal Body
HBPC-28LB 30(D)X72(H)   1SET/CTN/2.43CUFT  20":420pcs
HBPC-40LB 35(D)X75(H)   1SET/CTN/3.6CUFT  20":275pcs
HBPC-52LB 35(D)X86(H)   1SET/CTN/4.2CUFT  20":240pcs

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