W ARM &B EA UT Y Best Series
Innovation Value-added /High Performances

偉本公司外觀    ;Wen Ben Aluminum Extrusions Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, starting as an producer dealing with any kind of aluminum extrusions. After an increasing new design and improvement, "Wen Ben aluminum windows and doors" has received awards of the China National Standard Products (CNS) and Factory of "A" grade Quality Control from the government in 1995. In 1996, We also has fulfilled the requirements of quality assurance specified as ISO 9002 to offer the society by using best quality control and best service.

   We are proud to be the first"Symbol of Excellence Winners in 1996/1997-IT'S VERT WELL MADE IN TAIWAN" "The 7th National Invention Award" "1997 Good Design Product" and "1997 Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Research award" in Taiwan aluminum Doors & Windows industry.

   In future, we will always follow our principle of management "Daily Renewal、Constant Progress、Make Progress、March Toward International Standard" and "Keep High Quality and Efficient of Warm & Beauty Products" to run aluminum business and serve customers.

  •Year of establishment: March, 1979  •Capital: NT$ 60,000,000(1996)
  •Factory size: 8,300 meter square       •Number of Employees: 66
  •Production Capacity: 700 Tons Per Month
  •Chairman: Yu-Sheng Kao                 •President: Jui-Liang Kao
  •Address: No. 77, Hwan-Gong Rd, Yung-Kang Industrial Park, Tainan       Shien, Taiwan R.O.C.
  •Tel::+886-6-2335391-5     •Fax:+886-6-2336080
  •http://www.wb.com.tw      •E-Mail:wenben@mail.wb.com.tw

 •Extrusion Equipments:(include Automatic Chuck Sliding Equipments)
    One Set of 1700 Tons Extrusion Pressing Machines
    One Set of 1000 Tons Extrusion Pressing Machines
 •Inspection Equipments:
    One Set of SHIMADZU Model GQM-514s Emission Spectrometer
    One Set of Tester for Wind-Resistance, Air Tightness, and Water Tightness
    of Windows And Doors
    One Set of Micro-computer Universal Testing Machines
    One Set of PVC Tensile Strength Tester
    One Set of Rockwell Hardness Tester
    One Set of Sheaves Sliding Tester
    One Set of Aging Oven Tester
 •Process Windows Equipments:

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